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Rasgrahan in the form of grammar is a major book in Marathi language for class 10th taught by the Government of Maharashtra. If you want to get this book as PDF Collection 10th Marathi Rasgrahan Pdf Free Download then you can download PDF for free in this post and study it.

Marathi Kumarbharti (First Language) Class 10th Textbook is very useful for teaching and learning. The textbook contains several elements such as lessons, poems, songs, tasks (self-study) and content-wise illustrations related to the Bhava-world to further develop the linguistic skills of the students. Teachers should consider the linguistic abilities included in the textbooks and plan and implement various other activities and activities by the students along with the activities given in the textbook to develop the linguistic abilities of the students.

Marathi language requirement

Language is needed to communicate in the world. The necessity of language to conduct life is self-evident. The Indian family is first in the speech of the world because one of the major languages ​​of this family is Marathi language. Khari Boli has adopted the form of standard Marathi language, not Hindi. Marathi language is prevalent not only in Maharashtra but also in the states connected to Maharashtra.

Language is not a group of words. It has a definite arrangement. In this way, language is also the subject matter of social behavior. The reason is that it is related to all aspects and experiences of life. Now grammar is required to know the rules of language organization and to speak and write sentences correctly. We can say that 10th Marathi Rasgrahan Pdf grammar gives detailed information about the nature of Marathi language.

General introduction to Rasgrahan Marathi 10th

The words have been called Hindi Brahma. Study of words in Marathi language has been called Brahma Upasana. Words have great power – to connect words and also to break words. Krishna’s few words made Arjun a Karmaveer and Yoga Bisht and Draupadi’s sentence led to a big war like Mahabharata. The words, letters and alphabets are immortal and infinite. The prevalence of words is in every area, every sentence is in the subject.

Without words there is neither knowledge nor science. The truth is that without words man is not a man. Those who establish their authority over the word, they establish their dominance over others, their passion, they are successful in every work, those who continue to grow capable of the word, only they can be good people, good writers and good leaders.

This book Rasgrahan Marathi 10th has been written only for those who want to fulfill their desires by worshiping Shabd Brahma.

There are two types of words – rude and compound. Stereotypes are those which have been traditional since ages. These usages of words are small. These may not have meaningful sections. Like- go, sit, listen, this, that, I, other, soon, ear, ear, hand, mouth. All these words are stereotyped words. Apart from this there are other words also. Creating words like these and getting them a place in the language is a very difficult task.

Perhaps one in a century is accepted in half the orthodox society today. The second type of words are those which keep increasing the wealth of the language by expanding the old words and giving them new meanings, like knowledgeable, scientist, mechanic, laborer, shopkeeper, contractor, doctor, lawyer are engaged in all these.

When Marathi got recognition after independence, experts created thousands of yoga words. Today Marathi is such a rich language that due to it yoga terminology has developed.

Yoga words are formed in four main ways – 1. By adding some words before the root word which are called prefixes or suffixes. 2. After the root word, any word is added at the end of the word dance which is called suffix or suffix. Two words sitting together are called compound. Sandhi is formed by adding two, two, three and three words and uniting its ending and sound.

important of 10th Marathi Poem Rasgrahan

Only knowledge of grammar gives a person the knowledge to speak, write and understand the correct form of the language. Understanding grammar makes the language free from errors. Thus, it is important from the point of view of uniformity and purity of language. It is clear that grammar is studied for the knowledge of pure speech form. Grammar is generally divided into four parts. 1. Character idea, 2. Word idea, 3. Word idea, 4. Sentence idea

  1. Varna Vichar – Under this, the shapes, differences, pronunciation and method of combining the varnas are explained.
  2. Shabda Vichar – In this the types, form and origin of words are described.
  3. Pada Vichar – Pada and their differences are described.
  4. Sentence Ideas – Differentiation of sentences, sentence maker and sentence breaker, method of making and punctuation steps are described.

Marathi Rasgrahan needed

India is a country of diverse languages. Here every state has its own different language. Language Characteristics Hindi language is the most widespread language in India which is spoken in many states. Kashmir language is prevalent in the Kashmir region of North India, Rajasthani language is prevalent in Rajasthan, Punjabi language is prevalent in Punjab, Bengali language is prevalent in Kolkata, Bihari is prevalent in Bihar, Oriya is prevalent in Orissa, Telugu is the western language in Hyderabad. It is popular, in the same way, all these languages ​​also have their own separate grammar due to which on the basis of grammar, these languages ​​can be learned easily.

Apart from this, there are some more points due to which the need to absorb 10th Marathi Poem Rasgrahan was felt:

  • It is necessary to have knowledge of the language in order to listen to the discussions and dialogues broadcasted in various mediums and check their authenticity.
  • There is a need to be properly informed and concerned about the guidelines heard in public places.
  • The language requirement is essential for physicians to participate in formal and informal conversations.
  • Language base is necessary to understand the meaning of different materials, to know the characteristics of audio of literature, to know about the characteristics of dialects spoken in a particular region by listening to them.
  • To be able to recite poetry, to evaluate literature, to present one’s own independent elaboration relevant to the topic, to be able to actively participate in planning and organising, to be able to understand the characteristics of effective speaking and communication skills and to make high use of them, to be able to use literature Language basis is very important in reviewing and presenting one’s opinion about them.
  • In reading, developing the ability to read by drawing attention to punctuation marks, studying literature by reading different types of literature, developing knowledge for self-study, language base is necessary for all these.
  • To follow the spelling while writing, to be able to elaborate on the central idea of ​​the subject matter, to be able to write by completely connecting the topic and one’s thoughts, to use proverbs, idioms, phrases etc. effectively, to write about social events, occasions, personal experience, Language and grammar base is also necessary for etc.
  • In skill study, presenting one’s opinion on a topic by looking at a dictionary, reacting to an event, media for study, sleeping on serious social problems, language base is necessary to enable one to present one’s opinion.

Table of content

10th Marathi Rasgrahan Pdf

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Role in Literature of 10th Marathi Rasgrahan Pdf

To learn any language, it is necessary to know about its grammar. Without knowledge of grammar, there is neither interest in studying any language nor any desire to know about the language. Without knowledge of grammar, proficiency in any language cannot be achieved. In the same way, to learn Marathi language, it is necessary to understand the complete grammar of Maharashtra Rasgrahan. It is as important as the grammar of other languages ​​in other scriptures.

Benefits of 10th Marathi Rasgrahan Pdf

As the field of education has expanded, education has started becoming available from books to now in digital form. Earlier it was contained in the form of a book. Now these up to 1M, 2 MB are easily available to us in a small mobile. Which we can use anywhere. For this we do not need any other text book.

Due to its simplicity and accuracy, 10th Marathi Rasgrahan PDF has a special place of its own. We can use it through file, read, study easily anywhere at any place and can also share it with any friend sitting far away through the internet.

10th Marathi Rasgrahan Pdf Free Download

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10th Marathi Rasgrahan Pdf Practice

It is very easy to practice 10th Marathi Rasgrahan Pdf. Rasa collection and text book collection both are different. In the Rasa collection, Marathi grammar is taught, whereas in the text book collection, teaching and study of story, poetry, biography, novel, essay, writing, etc. is done. Once you study the Rasa collection, you never forget it. Rasgrahan poet is given in brief in the books from class 5th to 12th, but the material to study it in detail is not available in the textbooks.

To study Rasgrahana in detail, you can buy Rasgrahana text book available in the market and prepare notes and study it. Apart from this, you can also join any coaching institute and get detailed information about juice collection. Study taken from coaching institutes and self-education strengthens Marathi grammar, which makes it easier to read Marathi, translate Marathi stories, read Marathi poetry, write Marathi, teach Marathi etc.

Along with the study of Rasgrahana, he also kept studying by taking stories, poems, essays, novels, biographies, etc. from the textbook. As a result, in the end, you will be able to study the text book with grammar easily and will be able to pass the examination with good marks.


10th Marathi Rasgrahan Pdf is an experience-rich resource for children learning Marathi language. This website does not promise that you can generate good numbers. This website only provides you the facility to download the Marathi language Rasgrahan book in PDF file which is provided for free by the Government of Maharashtra. By using PDF collection, children can easily study together and strengthen their learning style and grammar.

A dictionary should be used to understand the meaning of other words in the text, as well as as a reference for students. Hope you like this Marathi KumarBharti (First Language) Class 10 Textbook